Friday, November 2, 2012

It begins.

The time has come.  Something must be done.  But where to start?  It seems that so much of my adult life has consisted of trying to control my weight.  It's gotten so out of control.  It's time to take my life back.  Things that I'm looking forward to as I progress on this new life journey:

*fitting in an airplane seat and not worrying about the people next to me.
*being able to go on rides with my kids at Disneyland.
*Going on hikes with my family and not have people look at me weird.
*Get in and out of my Suburban without having to heave myself up.
*Seeing my feet when I look down.
*Being proud of myself and who I am.
*Not hiding from my husbands friends because I don't want them to lower their opinion of  him after seeing me.
*Not being embarrassed to see old friends.
*My kids being proud of me.

At my highest weight, I was 262 pounds.  Although I think I was only there for a week or so, that about killed me.  I was never over weight until I had my first baby.  Then I gained about 70 pounds.  I only lost about 20 of it after I had him.  Pregnancy #2 came with in months of delivering the first and I gained another 20 pounds that stuck around.  Then came 3, 4, & 5...  My "average" weight for the past 6 years has been about 253.  POUNDS!  Crazy!  How does this happen?

Like most overweight people, it's something that I wrestle with.  Sometimes my attitude is that "I don't really care.  I feel great just the way I am." other times it's "I can't live like this, but everything I've tried has failed and I just don't know if I can do it".

About a month ago I was doing some research.  I've had success with Jenny Craig and I've also had some success with Weight Watchers.  However, being the busy mom to 5 kids and running everyone around, I didn't feel that either of those options would really work for me.  I really needed a total program.  One that would hit my fitness, dietary, and emotional needs.  Little did I know that I would add medical in there as well.  As I conducted my online research, I came across a medical clinic fairly close to me that had a medical weight loss program.  It had a doctor, 2 assistants, a dietician, and support staff.  It's housed in a medical clinic.  Ya know, a real doctors office.  I was VERY unsure if it would be what I needed, but I had to try something...

To be continued...